Print Marketing

 It's old, but still gold

print marketing

Why is print right for your business?

Print is physical

Magazines, newsletters and flyers can stay in houses or offices for months at a time, while internet ads can disappear without your audience ever noticing them.


Reach the people that matter!

Your print adverts can be placed in publications or distributed in the specific areas you're looking to target. 


Your audience will take time to read print!

People tend to read print advertising 20%-30% slower than a webpage, with users skimming through web content in as little as 15 seconds. 



Conducting effective marketing campaigns require large amounts of time and expertise. The actual cost is determined by the number of sites involved in the campaign, the amount of activity and the level of participation.

First steps to get your business online

Starting from

Starting from
  • 1-4 hours
  • General marketing support
  • Basic reporting
  • Focus on one or two aspects of the marketing campaigns
  • For example, light touch Social campaign and PPC management
  • Alternatively, all budget can be allocated to focusing on one aspect such as SEO

Take your business to the next level

Starting from

Starting at
  • 3-8 hours
  • Focused campaigns
  • Detailed reporting
  • Monthly meetings
  • Mixture of three or four marketing campaigns flavoured to suit your requirements
  • On site Optimisation, Off Site Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Email, Social Media management, Content creation, Print Design
  • Google Analytics reports, Moz Reporting, Detailed Monthly reporting

Bespoke Marketing campaigns

Starting from

Starting at
  • 7-12 hours
  • Bespoke campaigns to achieve your goals
  • Detailed reporting
  • Monthly meetings
  • The whole solution. Full management of your Digital marketing campaigns
  • All aspects looked after for maximum lead creation. Integrating with your business to be your digital marketing team
  • Sitebeam report, Google Analytics reports, Moz Reporting, Detailed Monthly reporting